Jennifah is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Switzerland and also lived in the United States for a little over 10 years. She grew up as a foster kid with a Swiss family in a small mountain area village. In her childhood, she spent a lot of time travelling back and forth from her foster parents to her biological mother who lived in city. She also spent many summers visiting family in London and the West African nation of Ghana. The exposure to different cultures helped her to be able to relate to people of various backgrounds.

As a kid she sang in the local school’s children’s choir which her foster mother directed. At home, her foster parents played classical music pretty much 24/7.

”Classical music could be soothing at times, but I had a lot of rhythm and soul in my blood and classical music wasn’t really what would get me excited!”

Growing up in her village almost everyone was listening to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. It just became something she grew up listening to during a certain period in her life.

It was refreshing to listen to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Tracy Chapman, Lionel Richie, Paul Simon, Maria Makeba and many other artists when I went to my second home on some weekends and holidays — the home of my birth mother”.

Many of her childhood weekends were spent listening to the charts on the Radio and singing along.

Through determination, hard work and a miracle, she saw one of her lifelong dreams come to pass and was able to leave Switzerland and move to the United States and live there as a student. The Unites States is where her faith journey began and with that journey also came Gospel Music. She was singing as an Alto at her University’s Gospel choir in Philadelphia and was part of a Southern States music tour. Her musical influence is as diverse as her background and it reflects in her songs.

Her distinctive alto voice has a unique deep and rich tone that is perfectly fitting for the emotional and original songs she writes.

”New songs flow easily. As soon as I start playing a few chords on my digital piano, melodies start coming into my head and what follows next is that I start writing down the lyrics. I really enjoy the process of writing songs. I want my music to have a clear message. I want my music to inspire people. It would be terrible not to have music in this world. Music is one of the things that helps me go through the ups and downs of life. It is just a wonderful gift and a blessing.”

Jennifah uploads new original songs on YouTube. Her music is described as touching, refreshing as well as uplifting.